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SMB Networks Is The Company You Can Trust For All Your Computer Support and Office Telephony Needs

No other IT consulting firm in New Haven, Hartford and Fairfield County can touch our fast response time, range of experience, quality customer service, or our ability to deliver technology solutions that work EXACTLY the way you want them to.

Ever wonder why a dependable Computer Support, Network Services and IT Consulting provider is so difficult to find? If so, you’re not alone.

With SMB Networks as your partner in technology, you will be able to:

  • Get rid of excessive downtime with proactive IT support that catches issues before they become problems.
  • Focus more energy on your core business while we deal with all your IT needs.
  • Maximize your spending and minimize your stress with more effective IT support and services that allow you to increase your bottom line with technology instead of take away from it.

SMB Networks has the computer support and network services that can end the frustration over finding a trusted IT service provider. We specialize in providing IT support to medical practices, small and medium size businesses, and non profits in New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield, Meriden, Stamford, Danbury in Connecticut.

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See what other business owners are saying about us…

We are an 80+ employee extended-stay drug and alcohol rehab center. Worldwide, we were the very first 12 step treatment center for addiction. Since 2006, SMB Networks has been helping us with our IT systems, phones, and digital marketing.

For me, SMB Networks flexibility and responsiveness are the keys to our continued working relationship. When we got started with digital marketing, we tried self-help articles and health information, but we got poor results. So I expressed my concerns to SMB Networks, and they were receptive and willing to explore other options.

All I had to do was pick up the phone and say, I'm not happy with our level of engagement. I think it's too low. Let's talk about some ideas. Together we came up with our current approach, which is working very well.

Our Facebook presence is pretty extensive. So we shifted gears over to inspirational quotes, inspirational stories, more evocative photographs, and provocative images, and immediately after, we observed our engagement double. We didn't change the ad buy, and we didn't change the target; we simply changed the quality of the content to differentiate ourselves.

I've worked with other agencies, and I've noticed they're mostly invested in their content, and they prefer minimal input from us clients. To make matters worse, many digital marketing agencies out there often just provide cookie-cutter content, especially since social media marketing requires a lot of content. With SMB Networks, I don't get the same stuff with different photos or the same photos with different text. They don't repurpose and regurgitate. They help us create tailored content that is in line with our objective.

I consider SMB Networks a partner. No request of mine is ever too big, nor is it ever an inconvenient time. I've had problems solved at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., and working with the staff is easy. They're always more than willing to go the extra mile.

High Watch Recovery Center Jason Perillo, Director of Communications and Marketing, High Watch Recovery Center

When SMB first mentioned worry-free tech support, I rolled my eyes and thought "yeah OK, I’ve heard this before." But truly, with SMB Networks managing our technology, it has been a worry-free experience. So for me, it is a no brainer; working with SMB was the right decision.

We were unhappy with the previous company. They were passive, and despite the obvious risk of that having only one tape posed for our data, they were not taking action. We kept backing the same tape over and over, and although we expressed our need for additional ones, for some reason, they could not find more. Working with them was like putting band-aids on a bleeding wound; their support was always reactive, as opposed to preventive.

I felt uneasy about our backups, and I feared these would fail in case of a catastrophe. This was weighing heavy in my mind because, as you can imagine, for an organization like ours, our database is critical.

Then, Peter came along and introduced himself. He offered us a free app, and as we took advantage of it, we learned more about him and SMB. Then, he did a seminar for our membership, the more I got to know Peter, the more comfortable I felt working with him. So, when it was time to take action and find a new tech company to work with, it was a no brainer; SMB became our technology managed service provider.

They set us up with backups and eventually helped us upgrade our equipment. Today, whenever we have a problem, we just call, and the techs remote in and troubleshoot immediately… it is like Peter promised, worry-free. And better yet, they are available 24/7/365. We have not Experienced any down time since they’ve been our provider.

A little over a year ago, we felt our website was outdated, our users were not using it much; to tell you the truth, it was not an intuitive design. But once again, SMB came to the rescue, and now our website is modern and user-friendly.

Heidi, from SMB’s staff, helps us update our website quickly and efficiently—she’s the best. But, then again, everyone at SMB is amazing I don’t know how Peter does it, but he finds and hires the best in their field.

Fairfield County Medical Association Joanne Simpson, Director of Business Relations, Fairfield County Medical Association

Many things demand my attention, and SMB's reliability is a relief, because I know we have the tools to do our jobs. When my staff has a problem, they don't stress; they feel comfortable calling SMB because they get immediate answers.

When I first joined this medical practice, I sensed the IT Support company we had then didn't have our best interest at heart. It would take days for them to fix computer problems, and when the technician showed up, he was careless and paid little attention to details. So, we explored alternatives, and after we interviewed a couple of companies, we decided to work with SMB Networks.

Although I knew Peter from our affiliation to MGMA, what influenced me to interview him and ultimately work with his company was the recommendations from other OBGYN practices; from these, I expected SMB to be knowledgeable and experienced with our particular needs.

Peter’s upfront communication style and honesty were a new experience for me, and I like working with him. Not only that, but I can trust Peter to look ahead, because he is proactive and keeps us informed of changes in technology and our aging equipment.

Early this year, he warned us that support for Microsoft Windows 7 was ending, and thus, we were able to plan. I am sure the previous company would have told us about this at the last minute.

Also, as the HIPAA regulations came into effect, SMB ran the corresponding audit, provided training for all of us, and addressed the loopholes. Which was very convenient for me as a manager, because I didn't have to coordinate all of this.

Although now we pay more, we get competent and reliable IT Support, and this is what matters to me. Again, I want the certainty that my staff and the doctors have the tools they need to do their job.

OBGYN Physicians Ann DeRosa, Practice Administrator, OBGYN Physicians

Back in 2013, the staff that manages our affairs at the state level moved to a new location. SMB Networks helped us move, and in a couple of days, almost seamlessly, all our phones were installed, and our computer network up and running.

The thing with SMB Networks is that they are like the umpire at a baseball game. You only notice them if something goes wrong. And when this happens, SMB takes control of it and fixes it right away. It is not a big deal. And this has been my experience since I joined the organization in late 2011.

I don’t remember a crisis that SMB could not handle seemingly very easily.

The Connecticut Audubon Society Tom Andersen, Administrator, The Connecticut Audubon Society

I have been working with Peter and his team at SMB for over five years. They have guided our Ob/Gyn practice as we converted to an EMR. We have utilized their services for all of our IT, phone and data needs. They are responsive, professional and attentive. I highly recommend them for you business and personal needs.

Greater New Haven Ob/Gyn Pamela Maki, Administrator, Greater New Haven Ob/Gyn

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